Think Meghan, the now Duchess of Sussex, is the only fashion icon in the Markle family? Think again…

Meghan’s estranged father Thomas Markle, who appears to be willing to try absolutely anything to keep his five seconds of fame going, is going to be launching his own clothing line…

Because his last clothing inspired idea worked out so well for him *Cough* pap shots at a suit fitting *Cough*.

But alas it’s true, we could soon be seeing the name Thomas Markle on clothing labels. An equally annoying relative of the new Royal, Meghan’s sister Samantha Markle, reportedly confirmed the news in a private tweet according to Page Six.

It’s unclear who the tweet was sent to but Page Six have managed to snag a screenshot. In the tweet Samantha expressed that she was super “excited” about her father’s new venture.

“So excited about my father’s new #clothing line for men! Will keep you posted,” she allegedly wrote on August 15.


No word yet on what sort of clothes we can expect to see in Thomas’ collection but we have a little inkling that it will have something to do with Meghan and the royal family. Ya know, coz they’re apparently ignoring him and what not.

Looks like the Markles are never going to stop cashing in on poor Meghan’s public status…I guess we can’t choose our family, right? Lucky she’s got ol’ Harry by her side to keep her sane!

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