CAUTION: graphic content

A woman named Yasmina has gone viral for a unique beauty treatment she’s come to be known for – and she swears by it for beautiful skin.

Yasmina is a ‘blood witch’ from the Gold Coast, and she uses her menstrual blood on her face, as she believes it holds incredible benefits.

‘It’s not something that I do every month, it’s just something that I started to kind of experience and explore, and what it is, it’s a way to let go of the shame about bleeding we’re all carrying as women.’

‘So it’s not because of the benefits? It’s a statement?’ Jackie asked.

‘Our blood holds amazing stem cells, so it’s super healthy for us, I’ve been doing a lot of research,’ Jasmina explained.


’There’s a lot of research going on, science around the stem cells in the menstrual blood. So there is a few health benefits for the skin.’

‘I just don’t think I could do it…’ Jackie said.

‘I’m used to seeing Imogen with all the face masks and the gold leaves under her eyes, but I don’t think I could do the blood mask.’ Kyle revealed.

‘Imagine all the healing we could be doing with those amazing stem cells, we could be onto something…’ Jasmina offered.

Yes… maybe Jasmina… but still… nah.

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