It’s the moment every woman dreams about: when the one she loves drops to one knee and asks her to spend the rest of her life with him.

But one woman missed her own proposal completely.

Clara Chasteen, was so distracted and caught up in her own conversations, that she didn’t even notice her boyfriend had got down on bended knee and tried to pop the question.

Yes, you heard correctly. SHE MISSED THE MOMENT! I mean, I’m pretty sure if someone was shoving a diamond ring in my face, I WOULD NOT MISS IT!!!

And as if the whole proposal couldn’t already be bad enough, the embarrassing fail happened in front of a whole group of people. Awks.

Clara finally realised, WTF was going on, and quickly went into standard excited bride mode, after what felt like forever (can’t even begin to image how slow time must have lapsed for her future hubby).

Cue lots of excited squealing.


The video has since gone viral, and we can understand why. Although we still can’t understand how this happened exactly.

Let’s just hope Clara pays attention when it’s time to say ‘I do’ on the big day.

Source: Elite Daily

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