At 167cm tall and 110 kilos, Brooke Saxby was massively overweight. She had to get two hula skirts sewn together to fit her.

On the rare occasion that she was captured in a photo, she’d lie awake at night terrified of where it might pop up.

In October last year, Brooke gave myself a good talking to. Standing in front of the mirror in just her underwear, she looked at her body. ‘Are you happy with yourself?’ she asked. ‘No you’re not.’ ‘Can you lose weight?’ 

‘Of course you can.’

This time, Brooke was determined and hired a personal trainer. Working out three times a week, She felt amazing. So good in fact, that on New Year’s Eve, she sent her trainer a text. 

How do you feel about a session at 6am tomorrow?

While most people were nursing hangovers, Brooke was doing pull-ups and shuttle runs in the park. 


Afterwards, She caught sight of her face in the mirror and laughed. She was still bright red! She took a selfie of this, thinking it was so hilarious, and posted it on Instagram.

Then, she had an idea.

Brooke documented her journey with scarlet selfies every day for the entire year! 

#threehundredandsixtyfiveredfaces #dayone i will workout everyday! I choose me!

A photo posted by Brooke Saxby (@brooke.saxby) on

Brooke doesn’t care what she look like in the pics – the sweatier the better! Best of all, her photo diary has inspired others to get red faced too.


Now she’s proudly putting herself out for the world to see.

This is an experience I’m glad I’m capturing forever. 

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