In the words of the late, great Whitney Houston, children are the future and, if we teach them well, we can let them lead the way.

This kid, however, doesn’t need any teaching. He’s just got it.

Alyce Brent and Taylor Morris were doing what every girl does when left alone with her bestie and basically breaking it down to some sick tunes when, unbeknownst to them, Alyce’s nephew completely gatecrashes their twerk-out.

Dressed only his nappy, old mate out-dances both of his elders, pulling off a difficult arm-bum-tummy combo with, quite possibly, the best facial expression we have ever, ever seen.

At one point he even tries to show off his own twerking skills, before deciding that, nah, he can do it better. 

You can see the whole clip below but, be warned, you’re going to fall madly, deeply in love with this little guy.


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