It’s not very often we come across something on the internet that actually makes us laugh out loud, but Joshua Varozza managed it today – twice.

The curvy Californian has swapped his clothing for a shimmery mermaid tail and is living his best life in a sexy, sensual beach-side photoshoot, all in the name of spreading joy.

Consider the joy spread, Joshua.

The snaps were taken by Tami Bears, a friend of Varozza’s, as part of her “Dudeoir” series, which parodies those soft-focus, traditional boudoir-style photos normally reserved for engagement and pregnancy announcements. 

After her first few pictures of Varozza hanging around a barn in a pair of stylishly on-trend overalls – and not much else – proved such a hit earlier this year, Bears tapped Varozza for a new shoot to celebrate the end of the summer.


The pair even have a 2017 calendar in the works, which means we’re looking at at least 10 more photos as glorious as these.

When he’s not rolling around a beach in a daisy-chain flower crown Varozza works as a bail bondsman, but the bearded babe is relishing his new role.

“So much lame stuff in the news right now,” Varozza told KCRA3. “Why not look at me and my nipples?”

“We got a message from a guy that was actually in Florida, somewhere close to the shooting. 


“He just said it was so great and such a wonderful thing to be able to stop and laugh at something.

“That can bring a big guy to tears.”

But as well as raising eyebrows and causing giggles, there’s been a welcome, albeit unexpected, consequence from the snaps.

“So many people are coming to us, telling us we make them more comfortable in their skin,” the Sacramento native continued. “I would just encourage people to go hug a stranger today and do something kind that they wouldn’t usually do.”


Mermaid tail optional, obviously.