It’s getting more expensive to rent these days, especially in big cities.

But this landlord decided to offer his tenants a very specific discount… For vegetarians.

Living in Seattle, Washington, is one of the most expensive places in the US, but Jinesh Varia will offer vegetarians/vegans a special monthly price to rent his townhouse.

He offers a $200 discount per month, bringing the rent from $2200 to $2000 a month.

He believes, being a vegetarian himself, that diets without meat are the right way to go “ethically and morally”.

“I really believe, just like the no smoking policy that all landlords have today, that we can promote this as a way to spread awareness. See if I can create a trend,” he told K5 News.

Although he won’t be going through anyone’s trash, and there are no real ways to enforce the rule, he hopes new tenants will leave meat out of their home and diet.


Maybe this landlord has just started a new trend for home owners everywhere?

H/T Mashable

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