In this day and age, we tend to champion those who find success in film, or television or music – even reality TV. However, I think we all know that they’re not the kind of people that deserve to be made into heroes, in most cases anyway.

One mother-of-four has shared a selfie on her Facebook page that has got some serious attention. 

It shows a beautiful women, 27-year-old Kimberly Henderson, laying down, with her shirt pulled up to expose her belly. But the belly doesn’t match the face, not when we’re basing our views on what magazines and photoshopping will have us believe.

Her face is so stunning and her belly has stretch marks. It’s not a big deal, but sharing it with the world means a lot, especially to mothers that need to know it’s okay to look that way, especially after the amazing job you’ve done producing a child.

Kimberly captioned the photo with the description of the moment that it all changed for her, ”This evening after I got out the shower and was getting dressed I happened to glance in the mirror and kinda sighed and thought dang what I would give to see my abs again and right after I was having my pity me moment (we all have our days) my 2 year old grabbed my leg and pulled on my shorts for me to kiss her… And it was that second she reminded me that every imperfection on my belly was worth having sweet moments like that!‪#‎lovetheskinyourein‬.”

It’s not hard to believe that the post has gone viral, and people are in awe of just how ‘real’ she is.

“It’s not easy growing a baby, ya know and every imperfection, every stretch mark was made from love and hard work,” she wrote. “I’m reminded every day when I see my beautiful kids.” Since posting this selfie, she’s gotten nothing but “amazing” feedback from other mothers. “It’s crazy that even though I posted it to help other mamas like me, it actually helped me,” she explained. “It’s nice to see you’re not the only one going through days like that!” She wrote that she’s heard “empowering” things from men who are insecure about their dad bods as well.


Good for you, Kimberly!

Source: Cosmopolitan

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