Ever get sick of people asking the same questions again and again and again and again?

Perhaps this could be the answer to your problems!

Blogger and mother of twins, Uncanny Annie, has come up with a novel response to the frequently asked questions she gets about her girls – by posting signs with all the answers on their pram.

“Yes, they are mine.”

“Yes, they are twins.”

“Yes, both girls.”

“No, not identical.”


“Yes, I know they look alike though.”

Sharing a pic of her girls with the signs, Annie wrote on Instagram:

“I REALLY wanted to leave these signs on the pram today. As a twin mum, you get asked a series of questions/hear a series of statements EVERYTIME you go out. I know most people are coming from a great place and are just curious however many can be quite intrusive and after a while it’s just plain exhausting.”

While she admits she chickened out before getting into town, we think the writer may just be onto something!

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