The birds and the bees is never going to be an easy subject.

It’s super awkward for a kid to have to sit in a room and hear all about how babies are made, especially from their parents.

But this particular sex talk may be the weirdest one we’ve ever seen!

It starts off with a woman pretending a knife (which is the boy) and a lemon (the girl) are going on a date. Mr Knife then asks can he “put his hand there,” and screams of laughter and awkwardness can be heard in the background.

Things then get super graphic when the woman plunges the knife into the lemon saying, “that’s what it’s like to pop your cherry.”

This may be the most violently weird sex ed talk we’ve ever seen.

It has since gone viral getting over 40,000 retweets in just a couple of days.


I’m never looking at a lemon the same way again! 

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