If you’ve ever had a hankering for a late night Big Mac or a scoop of Gelato Messina’s finest, you’re not alone.

It’s for this reason that two university students have started a startup that acts like a personal concierge service – and can do almost anything for you, for a small fee.

The company is called ASAP and was founded by 20-year-olds, Dylan Samra and Kelvin Nguyen, who believed that an SMS service was missing in Sydney.

It works by collecting your credit card details the first time you make an order and then keeping them on file for convenience.

ASAP is inspired by a San Francisco service called Magic, which made headlines earlier this year for its unconventional methods, and came to Samra and Ngyuen as they were working at a call centre in North Sydney together.

“We were sitting at work and we wanted McDonald’s, but it was too far away,” he told news.com.au. “We thought, why not have someone deliver it to us? Everyone wants things right away, so we took it from there.”

According to ASAP founders, some of their most popular requests are deliveries from McDonalds and Gelato Messina, and their biggest challenge is handling the wide variety of requests, which include a live kangaroo to be delivered, which they said was too hard, the delivery of three rats, which they’re currently working on, and a few requests for illicit substances, to which they decline and suggest something legal instead.


“Working every single day there’s something new and it’s exciting so it keeps you going and gives you something new. You’re anticipating every single day.”

ASAP currently operates in Sydney but is expanding its delivery service nationally by partnering with third-party services. Mr Samra is confident of going international within 12-15 months as investor interest soars.

“The future of ASAP would be investment from outside investors, going national with our delivery network,” Mr Samra said, “And taking over the world.”

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