This short film, called Offline Dating, stars a single man who tries to get a date without using online apps.

The social experiment was shot by Bafta-nominated film-maker Samuel Abrahams, and shows the reactions of women being approached in broad daylight by a man.

It highlights the disconnect of “dating” online, with no face-to-face interaction.

Abrahams told The London Evening Standard: “One evening, Tom and I were discussing him being newly single, whilst downloading Happn on his phone. We started talking about the difference between the us we present online and the us that exists in real life.

“That night, the idea of making a part documentary, part social experiment, exploring what we had been talking about, hit me.”

“It was fun seeing Tom get rejected so much but also seeing him do so well, having this fun interaction he would never have had if he’d been sat at home swiping on his phone.”

He wasn’t completely unsuccessful! He did have a few on-camera dates…


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