If Instagram and Facebook are taking over you and your family’s lives, it may be a good idea to get cracking with this pepper grinder. 

While it’s ever so tempting to Snapchat your dad while he’s eating, a nation wide survey conducted by Dolmio found 63 percent of arguments at the dinner table are sparked by the use of technology. 

The study found at least one in three homes had attempted to ban devices at the table, but failed. 

Thanks to Dolmio we now no longer have to try and control ourselves with the company creating the ‘Pepper Hacker.’

The device, which is conveniently disguised as a pepper grinder is fitted with a Wi-Fi chip that blocks up to four devices. It reroutes the home Wi-Fi and shuts down access to the internet on dependent technology. 

You’ll know you’ve been hit when a message appears on your screen saying “It’s family dinner time and the internet is not invited.”


So, next time you’re offered a bit of pepper at an awkward family dinner you may just want to decline. 

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