For those who are Bachelor fans, they’ll know that last years, part of Snezana’s charm came from the fact Sam also loved her beautiful daughter, Eve, too.

So when another single mum entered The Bachelor this year, no-one was quite sure what was going to happen.

Now that Alex has won, Kyle and Jackie O’s first question was, ‘so what does Elijah think of Richie?!’ It turns out, they still haven’t met yet!

When Alex explained why, she called life ‘chaotic’ at the moment, and said that it’s the kind of situation you need to ‘ease’ a five-year-old into.


“I want it to be as enjoyable as it should be for the three of us without any pressure on the little guy.”

“No doubt he’s going to love Richie and vice versa, but I think that’s definitely something you should ease a five-year-old into and do it at a nice pace.”

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