If you grew up in Sydney, you’ll know all about the wonder that is Wonderland!

It was the place to be growing up and there was no greater feeling than when your parents said they were taking you there for the day.

We heard last year that Wonderland was coming back, and then a few months ago there were rumours that it was set to get the DISNEY treatment.

Excited ensued.

Now, we’ve heard even greater news, we now have a DATE for when Wonderland will be back – and an insight into what we can expect.

As reported, the new park will be managed by Florida-based David Bakasis, who covers operations for DISNEY WORLD.


The new park will be known as, Worlds of Wonder. Inspired by some of the biggest and greatest theme parks in the world, Worlds of Wonder will incorporate water parks, resort hotels, attractions, EPIC rides and shopping areas.

Picture Downtown Disney…

Speaking with The Daily Telegraph, David revealed: “Ninety percent of what I want (for the master plan) I already have… Wonderland was designed in the late 1970s. What we have available now is on such a different level.”

Oh, and the most IMPORTANT bit? Worlds of Wonder will be opening in 2021!!!

See MORE pics here…


Source: Daily Telegraph

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