When Matty was walking towards his position, dressed in his suit, ready to let down one lady and tell the other that he loved her, he stopped in his tracks, and in a – let’s face it – very scripted moment, he stopped and pulled out a beautiful diamond ring from his pocket.


Speaking to the guys this morning, Matty revealed that he designed a diamond ring, and producers of the show revealed that it could be whatever he wanted it to be; an engagement ring, a promise ring… a gesture?

But of course, during the show, we didn’t know that – and Australia waited with baited breath for Matty to do a Jon Snow – and bend the knee.

After rejecting Elise and confessing his feelings to Laura, Matty pulled the box out of his jacket pocket, but he didn’t drop to one knee.

Instead, he asked very quickly for her right hand, and placed it on her finger, explaining that he wanted to give her ‘this ring because it’s a sign of how much he cares about her.’

Speaking to the guys this morning, Laura revealed what she would have said if it was a proposal.


Apparently when she first saw the ring she did think it was proposal and was ‘packing it’.

‘We’d spoken a bit about stuff beforehand, and for me, marriage is so important, and it’s something that I’m not going to rush into, and I’m certainly not going to rush into it for a show.’

‘So he wouldn’t have done it, I know that – and he didn’t put me in that situation.’

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