Ever since news broke of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s relationship came out, we have been wondering how a few certain people feel.

The Queen for one, Prince Charles for another, and Kate Middleton, more than anyone. Think about it.

How would you feel if your husband’s younger brother brought home one of the sexiest TV actresses of our generation.

Are you supportive? Excited? Fangirl-ing even?

I mean, if you’re Kate Middleton, you wouldn’t be THAT worried… or would you?!


Apparently not.

New Zealand’s Woman’s Day claim a royal source told them that: ‘Kate is thrilled that Harry has finally found a girlfriend who looks like being a keeper.’

They added: ‘She only wants the very best for her lovely brother-in-law – and Meghan looks like she fits the bill.’

Even nicer still, it’s reported the Duchess is doing ‘all she can to support Meghan’ as she eases into a her royal relationship.


Source: Daily Mail

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