It’s the night we have been waiting for the on The Bachelor.

After Megan left last night as she wasn’t going to fall in love with Richie, we all knew it was about to get interesting.

That is exactly what happened tonight, with Keira being given the biggest shove of them all.

No rose on a date.

While we started the episode with Olena going on a solo date, it really wasn’t about her at all. It was about the girl who just couldn’t keep her mouth shut for the last five weeks of our lives.

The first moment of the show came for Keira when she wasn’t taken on a group date, which she was pretty happy about because she hates spending time with anyone else but Richie, saying ‘’I am so happy and relieved I am not on that date.’’


Keira ends up going on her own date in the end and it’s a hot and steamy yoga session and she declares that ‘’he is so lucky that it’s me.’’

Well, was he Keira?

Richie was straight onto her saying that he had a feeling ‘’she acts one way with the girls and another way with me.’’

Keira did show a cute side saying she was glad that he chose yoga for her as he will see ‘the real me.’’

Non-stop bragging to the camera probably didn’t help the date, as Keira made sure everyone knew that she had done yoga ‘for two years’’ and didn’t let the teacher take their class at all.


She was on at Richie the whole time about Yoga was done, while talking over the teacher. So, so awkward.

Her attitude of definitely getting a rose, circa ‘’’When I get a rose tonight, I’m going to be walking in, confident and feeling good,’ didn’t come to fruition at all.

The girls back at the house were not happy about Keira being on the date at all and even said ‘’I don’t want to kiss him after she does,’’ which is something everyone says about someone they get on with, I think? Oh, no, that’s hate.

In the one-on-one chat with Richie, Keira is straight on the defensive saying that she didn’t like the group dates as she ‘’didn’t stand out.’’

The tension lifted when Richie brings up that he feels as though they are ‘’two different people’’ and there ‘’is not a future between us and there is no relationship we can grow on.’’


Richie was honest, knowing that they were not on the ‘’same path at all.’’ and she instantly her go.

Keira did not return to the house, and she is gone.

Everyone’s least favourite has left the competition. No rose. No goodbyes.

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