Oooh, there’s something about weddings that just makes us all giddy.

From the sweet, romantic, most-Pinned wedding dress of all time to the touching tributes to missing loved ones, we can’t help getting a little misty-eyed.

But the meaning behind the tradition of wearing your engagement ring on your left hand – and in particular the fourth finger on your left hand – has been revealed, and it may be our favourite wedding-related “thing” ever!

Back in the day, ancient Greek and Roman lovers believed that our “ring fingers” on our left hands were the only one of our phalanges to have a direct connection to the heart, via a vein called the “vena amoris”.

Fair enough, they were a little mistaken, but the belief soon turned to tradition, and the thought is definitely a sweet one: that the main symbol of your loved one will be forever connected to your heart.

Naw. Too cute, guys.

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