Olympic diving chiefs have claimed that the green pool situation in Rio has been fixed but the athletes aren’t so happy!

The colour of the diving pool turned the greenest, green ever on Tuesday and threatened to cancel the 10m synchronised diving final.

However, officials have said it is of no danger to athlete but they are sceptical as they believe that it is now stinging their eyes!

Commentators have been speculating as to what has caused the ‘green abyss’ as the BBC have called it.

The most used theory is that the pool has not been ‘shocked’ with chlorine overnight as they had ‘run out of chemicals’.

The International Swimming Federation has confirmed that “As a result the pH level of the water was outside the usual range, causing the discoloration,” FINA said.

“The FINA Sport Medicine Committee conducted tests on the water quality and concluded that there was no risk to the health and safety of the athletes, and no reason for the competition to be affected.”


Rio spokesman Mario Andrade said ‘’the water will be blue from now on’’ but that has not stopped the Aussie Water Polo team complaining as their pool is now also green!

British diver Tonia Couch, who finished fifth with Lois Toulson in the women’s 10-meter platform, said. “As the sun went down it looked worse.”

Couch did say that the water had one unexpected benefit – it made it easier for divers to isolate the surface as they spun through the air.

The chemicals mentioned by officials are likely a reference to disinfectant, according to Ralph Riley, an expert from the London-based Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group.

“If it has gone green and that is because there is not enough disinfectant there would be some kind of implied risk.”

Back to blue tomorrow, then!

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