Welcome back to one of our favourite segments at the moment, ‘Am I The Best Sex’, which sees people call up their unsuspecting ex-boyfriends of girlfriends live on air to ask them ‘Am I the best sex you’ve ever had’.

Regardless of their answer, the person who asks the questions wins some moolah for their efforts.

As you can imagine, this segment can get a little crazy, and it almost feels like every time it rolls out on air we say ‘OMG this was the craziest one we’ve ever done!’.

But forget everything that you know or have ever heard about this segment, because hooley goddamn dooley THIS version of ‘Am I The Best Sex’ definitely takes the cake and nothing will ever be able to compete again.

Now it’s not necessarily because it was extremely hilarious or because it uncovered a secret cheating scandal like we’ve had in the past. Oh no this time round it was so darn cringeworthy that we couldn’t even believe our ears as it was happening!


And in fact, it was actually so ‘effed up that we had to take a break mid-way through and do it in two parts!

So of course we bet you’re all now wondering what on earth happened. Well all we’ll say is it involved two step-brothers and their dad’s (step-dad to one of the guys) best friend and we are seriously unsure how to feel about it all.

If you want to know exactly what went down, watch the video above! But just remember, we warned you how cringeworthy it is!

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