Let’s be honest, the best part about receiving presents is the surprise.

Which is why we’re calling this the best gift we’ve EVER seen!

Not because the present is brilliant, but because of the way it was delivered.

At first glance you’d be forgiven for thinking it must be a toy bear.

However, as the genius behind it, Mitch Gittins, explains – that’s exactly what he hoped to achieve.

Sharing the photos on Imgur, he joked that while he isn’t a rapper, he knows how to wrap.

“It was really great watching her open it,” he revealed.


“The look on her face when she thought she was getting a bear to the confusion of seeing a trash body present carriage. She was ecstatic when she got to the shoes.”

So how did he do it?

Well the shoes were hidden in the stomach, wrapped in bubble wrap. The limbs were a paper bag, the head a grocery sack filled with trash and the ears were shoe forms.

After sharing a note telling her to “tear ass apart” (loving the pun!) he wrapped it up with tape and then wrapping paper.

I’m not a rapper but I know how to wrap.

Could you imagine receiving this?


Scrap that, could you imagine giving this?! It brings new meaning to the gift of giving…

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