When I dropped my 6-week-old iPhone 7 on the pavement last week, I had destroyed my THIRD iPhone in the last THREE months.

FURIOUS was an understatement.

I was LIVID.

More at myself than anything else, and also at the seriously BREAKABLE glass that comes atop our beloved phones.

Finally I thought ‘that’s it’ – no more pretty phone case with my initials that provides ZERO protection from a butter fingers like me, I had VOWED to find a way to protect my phone – and let me tell you, I found the MILITARY TANK of iPhone cases, EFM Case Armour.


What got me, was the trailer I found.

It shows two men covering their hands in the material used to make the smart phone cases, D30’s unique impact protection technology.

When the material is in its natural state, it’s soft and gooey.

Now get this.

The HIGHER the impact, the more the molecules in this foam STIFFEN up.

So it means that even though the cases bend and stretch to form to your phone, when hit with impact, they’ll act like cement covering and protecting your phone.


Obviously we put it to the test with a real iPhone and a hammer.


The phone wasn’t left with a SINGLE dent, and against every fibre of my being, I was hitting that thing as hard as I could.

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