Adele is set to have her pockets well and truly lined after her Australian tour next March, 2017.

The singer has managed to shift more than 600,000 tickets and the tour itself is regarded as one of the biggest deals ever to go down, with promoters paying her an estimated $1.0M to $2.0M guaranteed fee per show.

Not only will she secure the per show fee, after a certain point of ticket sales she will also take a percentage of these sales – and she’s sold A LOT of them.

Fairfax Media have estimated that ticket sales revenue will be approx $26M, from just the two Sydney shows alone! This is based on the average ticket price of $437, but prices range from around $100 to $800 a ticket.

With merchandise added in, the reported amount she’ll rake in is a mammoth $35M in profit from the eight shows.

We’re totally in the wrong business. If only we could sing like Adele.


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