It only takes a couple of minutes for Australia to go from loving someone to hating someone.

And last night, it was Bachelor Richie’s turn to take the brunt of Australia’s anger.

As we all sat down to watch the final of Channel Ten’s Bachelor, it seems the majority of Australia were expecting Nikki to win. Even the bookmakers had her down as a favourite.

Leading into the moment, even Nikki was convinced she had won, saying ‘’I feel it’s me. Every ounce of me says it’s me.’’

‘’What I feel for Richie is like nothing I’ve ever felt before. He’s the one I want to do life with. Do I get to be that girl who gets to be the one at the end and live happily ever after? Do I get to be that lucky?”


It wasn’t to be for Nikki as Richie seemed to lie to her saying ‘’You’re like no woman I’ve ever met before. I think about what a relationship and what a future would look like with you. And how easy it would be for our lives to come together. How loyal and how trustworthy you would be. And you’d stick by me through thick and thin.”

At that moment you can see Nikki is confident she has got this before Richie shocked her and the nation by revealing ‘’my heart is with Alex.’’

Australia’s reaction was instant with Twitter users rushing to slam his decision.

One user commented that ‘’at least Richie has consistently been totally clueless,’’ While user @ImiBT said that her ‘’heart breaks for you Nikki.’

Others didn’t hold back at all;


Richie and Alex have commented that they are still together and would ‘’like to thank everyone for their best wishes,’ which seems hard to find at times.

Channel Ten is helping Georgia Love find love next! The Bachelorette starts Wednesday evening at 7:30 PM.

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