You might know him from his time on ‘Two and Half Men’ or possibly from his very public break down, but either way you know that Charlie Sheen is one hilarious character with a pretty crazy story to tell.

And for the first time he’s coming to share his story with all of his Aussie fans here Down Under! WINNING!

Sheen will be heading to Australia in November for a speaking tour titled ‘An Evening With Charlie Sheen’ and the show will be hosted by Channel Nine’s Richard Wilkins.

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O exclusively about his trip Down Under, Charlie revealed exactly what we can expect from his tour.

“Is this what you’re going to be talking about on the tour, sharing all of these fun stories from the past?” asked Kyle.


Charlie told us that unlike some of his previous media engagements, this one is going to be kept pretty classy as he’s no longer the party boy that he was in the past. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to share some pretty crazy stories from his past!

“I’m going to keep it tasteful, but I want it to be entertaining, I want it to be insightful, I want it to be interactive,” explained Charlie.

“It’s not just two guys in chairs on a stage having a dialogue, there’s going to be a whole audiovisual interactive presentation as well that I think will engage the audience.”

Not only will ‘An Evening With Charlie Sheen’ be engaging through his storytelling, but audience members can actually engage personally with Charlie, whether it be in the Q&A segment or the meet and greet.

“And then of course there’ll be a lengthy Q&A afterwards and then some photos,” continued Charlie.

But if meeting Charlie Sheen at his tour isn’t enough for you and you’re looking for another chance to interact with the Hollywood actor, you’d better brush up on your AFL knowledge because apparently Charlie is looking for an Aussie tutor!


“I was trying to figure it out…I thought it might be a topic of discussion when I got there and I didn’t want to be completely in the dark,” he said about the game. “I’m going to need someone from the home land to explain that to me.”

Charlie Sheen will tour Australia in November and will appear at the ICC in Sydney on November 4. You can sign up to for all other information about the event and for exclusive pre-sale tickets.


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