The highly anticipated Beverly Hills 90210 reboot has already begun airing over in the US and us Aussie fans are waiting patiently for our turn as it’s set to air here sometime soon on Channel 10.

We’ve literally been SO KEEN for this reboot ever since that first trailer dropped back in May. And while we still don’t have an official release date here in Australia, we’ve got some great info from one of the stars about what we can expect from the revival series.

Jason Priestley, who plays Brandon Walsh in the show, joined Kyle and Jackie O on the show this morning to tell us all about the series. Or should we say, he PLAYED Brandon…

Based on what Jason told us today, it seems that this reboot will be like nothing we’ve seen before and he’ll actually play himself, Jason Priestly in the show.

And no, we don’t mean in the form of a reality show. Jason Priestly, will play the actor Jason Priestly from 90210 in a fictional script. It’s basically inception in Beverly Hills 90210 form!


“The reboot is very different. It’s definitely not a typical reboot,” Jason told us this morning.

“We sort of tried to give people a little peep behind the curtain, as it were, and what it’s really like in Hollywood.”

“In this version of the show, I Jason Priestly, am playing Jason Priestly,” he continued.

“Tori Spelling is playing Tori Spelling and Ian Ziering is playing Ian Ziering.”

“It’s not a reality show though where we’re actually in your homes filming you?” Jackie clarified.

“No, it is entirely scripted but it’s a fake reality show,” Jason continued. “What it would look like if a bunch of middle aged actors, who had a hit TV show in the 90s, and decided to do a reboot of our show.”


“We wanted the show to be funny and light hearted and reverent and hopefully we’ve checked all those boxes,” he finished.

As for how the whole idea behind the show came about and why they chose to do a revival, Jason told us that it all began with the fans.

“The whole idea sort of stemmed down to this crazy fan convention that we all went to in Chicago and we all ended up at this convention together and the response that we saw to us all being together in the same place sort of started the conversation between all of us,” Jason revealed.

“Maybe, maybe there’s an appetite for a reboot. It all sort of stemmed out of that.”


And we’re SO GLAD that this happened! No word yet on the premiere date for Beverly Hills 90210 here in Australia but we do know it will be on Channel 10 sometime soon.

Check out more from our chat with Jason Priestley in the podcast below!