According to tradition, ’tis supposedly the season to be jolly.

But overseas Christmas ads have a way of sucking you into their festive-themed fancies and then smashing your poor heart into pieces.

Which is where this latest viral video comes in; uploaded to YouTube just last week, it has already racked up more than 2.5 million views – and it’s GORGEOUS.

The clip, an ad for language specialists Allegro, follows an old Polish man who orders an “English for Beginners” set online.

Even though he looks hugely daunted by the size of the books, he makes himself a cup of tea and spends the next few weeks pottering around and practicing EVERYWHERE he goes.

It’s actually too cute for words; you can see where he gets “cat” and “mouse” mixed up on his computer desk, how excited he is when he can say “I am Robert” and how he picks up some pretty colourful language by watching English movies.

And then the twist at the end is just too much to bear.


If you do one thing today, watch this video – and then call everyone you know and tell them you love them.

Video via Allegro

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