If you colour your hair, you’ve made the commitment to maintaining that do, financially and time wise! 

However a new trend is helping cut down on the time you spend at the salon. 

It’s called Lived In Colour. And we love it. 

Famed hair colourist, Johnny Ramirez and the ladies at The Cut have come up with a whole new concept that’s set to change the way we maintain our locks!

Their new way of highlighting and blending allows colour to grow out naturally for up to six months! 

It can take about six hours to complete but the idea of spending half a day at the salon only TWICE a year has totally got us hooked! 

“It’s a compliment to me,” says Ramirez. “You think you’ll struggle because they don’t come back as often, but it’s the word of mouth or the people stopping and wanting her hair. In essence, one client will bring me 10 to 20 [more clients] over time.”


The technique involved highlighting the whole head, lifting or leaching the hair, depositing the colour and creating a ‘fake root’. Then the hairdresser has to replicate the color on the top of certain strands to match the new base colour. 

One thing that concerns us though, is would our hair really stay in shape with a cut only twice a year? 

Worth a shot! 

Source: Refinery29


My hair color creation❤️ Lived in color™

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