Kyle and Jackie O have been dominating the air waves for a very long time and so it’s understandable that they’ve managed to gain some serious super fans over the years. 

In fact, there almost seems to be some sort of unofficial competition going between our listeners to see who can be the most dedicated fan, with lots of people going above and beyond to create the most weird and whacky gifts for Kyle, Jackie and the whole team. 

But we have to say, if this was a serious competition going, this guy would definitely take out first prize for most obsessed fan and most out there gift of all time. 

Most people go to the effort of baking sweets with Kyle and Jackie Os face on them or making merchandise with Kyle and Jackie O quotes. But this guy, known as Pricasso, wanted to put a more personal spin on his gift.

So what did he do? He painted them a portrait of themselves using his PENIS!!!


Pricasso hand delivered the gift to our KIIS studios and presented his masterpiece to Kyle and Jackie. Of course they were experiencing a mix of emotions at the time…They were shocked at the very strange artwork idea, confused as to how he actually accomplished it without causing himself immense pain (must’ve been non-toxic paint) and most of all pretty darn impressed at how good the final product actually looked. 

In all seriousness, how on earth did he manage to get such detail on the canvas with nothing but his body as the paintbrush? Well Pricasso opened up to us about the process in pretty graphic detail. 

“I dip my testicles into the paint and slap it around the painting,” he explained.

“And those are bum prints,” he continued, pointing at Kyle and Jackie’s foreheads. “I use every part of my anatomy I can think of down there.” Ahhh so now the name PricASSo makes sense…

Find out how Kyle and Jackie reacted when they first saw the painting in the video above. 

And if you suddenly feel a hint of jealousy and decide you want a penis portrait of your own painted by Pricasso, you can head down to Sexpo between Thursday 14th & Sunday 17th at the International Convention Centre in Darling Harbour.