In a real-life cross between The Great Escape and Finding Nemo, one little fish managed to pull off the most daring bids for freedom we have ever, ever seen.

Poor Brooke Essick, 18, was being a responsible pet owner and giving old mate Dane’s fish bowl a good clean when she realised he had stopped swimming.

She plopped him back in the bowl but he was floating, belly-up, and it looked like it was time to send wee Dane off to the Great White Porcelain Toilet In The Sky.

Except, as soon as Brooke pushed down on the flusher, the cheeky fish kicked off, started swimming and, we’d imagine, flicked Brooke some fish-version of the bird before taking off down the drain to open water.

Understandably Brooke freaks OUT, screaming: “He was swimming! Oh my God!” 

Alas, the realisation came too late, and the two were separated forever.


Dane, you will be forever in our thoughts.

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