For most of us, our daily morning coffee is EVERYTHING. 

However a $3/$4 dollar coffee every seriously adds up.. So imagine having FREE COFFEE for an entire year! 

Well, that was the case for on guy and now a former Starbucks employee has spilled the beans on how he got away with it.. 

“He purchased 365 Starbucks cards and registered every one of them online with a different birthday so that he gets a ‘free birthday drink’ EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR. Even though I know exactly how he ‘beat the system’ there, he pretends that his app is just malfunctioning and it magically gives him the same free birthday drink every day.”

So pretty much, this guy spend $1 365 times on 365 different Starbucks cards, registering a different birthday to each of those cards, meaning he was entitled to a free birthday coffee every day. 

BRILLIANT. Who’s game enough to give it a try? 


Source: ViralThread

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