She is one of the biggest soap stars in the country and across he world but now Carla Bonner, who plays Stephanie Scully on Neighbours, has been slammed as Ramsay Street’s biggest diva by cast and crew members.

They have claimed that she has an ‘’ego the size of a house’’.

Sources have told New Idea that the 43-year-old actress has been ‘difficult’ since her alleged money problems brought her back onto the set.

Carla was described in the report as being ‘control-hungry’ with a desire to be thrown back into the limelight and demanding that the show ‘relaunch her career.’’

‘When she was told there weren’t any magazine covers planned she just went ballistic,’ the magazine’s source claimed. 

The single mother-of-two is best known for her role as Stephanie Scully, who she played in 1999 until 2010 when she left to seek a career in America making movies.


She had a small role in the movie Wentworth but other than that, nothing of note and an industry insider said that her return to Neighbours was ‘too late’.

‘You can’t expect Hollywood producers to sign you up as an unknown in Los Angeles when you’re nearly 40. That’s not realistic, no matter how good your cosmetic procedures might be.’

Rumours from the set also hear Carla regularly criticising experienced hair and makeup artists and regularly asking for script changes to improve her storylines.


Despite her alleged shortcomings after returning to the show, Carla has often been praised for being an amazing mum, with insiders admitting that the 43-year-old did a ‘good job’ when it came to her co-star and son Harley, who played Josh Willis on the show.

Neighbours airs nightly on Eleven.

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