While a blind date could get people into a crazy panicky situation, it appears First Dates contestant Ryan is not one of those people.

The Victorian-based Salesman was matched with a blonde Dolphin trainer Claire, 25 on Tuesday night.
When Ryan was doing his sales pitch to camera before the date, he described himself as an ‘’a high nine out of ten.’ 

‘I’m young, I’m fit, I’m single, I’m pretty good looking, I think I dress pretty well,’ Ryan said.

‘I own my house, I work for a great company, I earn a lot of money,’ he added. He said he’s been single for a year but hasn’t been ‘lonely,’ suggesting he’s had dalliances with some women. 

I don’t count, but it’s been a few let’s say that, a few, more than a few,’ he said with a laugh. 

He did eventually get onto a more serious side, saying he wanted to settle down with the right person but liked women with non-corporate jobs and sneakily said he liked women who ‘have a good set of cans.’ 

He was matched with Claire from New South Wales, who said she liked a man with a good sense of humour.


During their date, she made a joke about her cosmopolitan cocktail saying ‘Hitting it like Sex and the City, straight in,’ she said. 

When Ryan asked about the character Mr Big, she joked: ‘Are you Mr Big?’

She then said to the camera that she doesn’t do sex on the first date but would it was the right person.

Despite thinking he was a ‘player’, the duo decided to go on a second date and kissed on camera. 

According to the show, they later: ‘Partied into the night but he’s still waiting for sex in the city.’

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