It’s the awkward moment on Melbourne TV that has everyone talking.

Channel 9 weather presenter Rebecca Judd last night wrapped up her last night before heading off on maternity leave, with presenter Peter Hitchener wishing her well for the birth of her twins, due in October.

As Peter did this, Tony Jones walked into the shot and placed his arm around Judd.

But the most awkward part happens next.

“The Carlton supporters are very excited … good luck, mate,” Jones said, before leaning in for a kiss.

Judd then quickly pulls away, not letting him plant the kiss before the three broke out in giggles.

Hitch could barely contain his laughter while wrapping up the programme.


Since the incident happened, for some unknown reason, Rebecca Judd has made her Instagram PRIVATE. Usually anybody can see her posts but now, she is taking no new followers at all.

This isn’t the first time Jones and Judd have had some failed on-air chat, with Joes asking her in 2013 to ‘come round of a Barbie’ to which she replied ‘no thanks’.

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