Uh, our college rooms did NOT look this good!

Two American students have taken the usually daggy standard of uni living to unheard of heights by seriously tricking out their dorm rooms.

No really, this place/ palace looks like a Pinterest board.

Come visit us!!!

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Lindy Goodson and Abby Bozeman, who we’ll just point out have been designing their new room’s aesthetic since December last year, met on social media in October and agreed that they were going to take their new digs at the University of Mississippi into luxury hotel territory.

“Most all dorms [at Ole Miss] are matching and decorated fabulously,” Goodson told Cosmopolitan.com, “so we have been so surprised to see the amount of attention we’ve gotten over ours!”


Please tell us at least one of them is pursuing a career in interior design?

“Abby found the dresser at an antique shop and had it repainted and added some crystal knobs,” Goodson continued. “The curtain on the dresser is a hand towel my mom found at TJ Maxx and made into a little cafe curtain (which hides their microwave when not in use). 

“I also found the lamps… on clearance and the stools from Home Goods (which I hot glued some velvet ribbon on).”

They’re not lying about other dorm rooms at their uni being top notch, either; look at their competition!

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“Double the names, double the closet space and double the fun!”

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We would TOTALLY go back to uni if our rooms looked like that…


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