When it comes to cosmetic surgery there’s a big risk involved and all too often we hear stories about times that it’s all gone wrong; so much so that there’s an entire reality television show dedicated to botched procedures.

Someone who knows this all too well is Shari Manchon, a beauty blogger from Florida, who had simply booked herself in for a nose job. Unfortunately, things didn’t go according to plan and after the surgery was completed she noticed that something was very wrong.

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, Shari said that a few days after going under the knife her nose went extremely cold and actually changed colour.

“Well, when I had it done it was okay, I had some complications during the healing process,” explained Shari. “About nine days after the cast came off my nose started to get freezing cold and was turning like a dark blue/purple colour.”

Shari said that she immediately started to panic and so she went back to see her surgeon, who told her that the circulation in her nose had diminished but not to a point where it was dangerous.


“I went to him and he said you have at least one or two percent circulation, blood circulation in your nose, you’ll be fine. And that wasn’t good enough for me.”

And so Shari went to get a second opinion, this time from one of the doctors from the TV show ‘Botched’, Dr Donald Yu, and he is the one who told her that the answer to her problem was a few bloodsucking leeches!!

Basically, Shari was in a race against time because she was unable to go back under for further surgery so close to her original nose job, but the skin cells on her nose were very quickly dying off due to the lack of blood supply. And so they were forced to turn to the medieval form of medicine!

“When he said leeches I said, ‘What?!’. But I was in this mess and I was about to go through like an unfortunate Michael Jackson situation and lose the tip,” explained Shari. “So I went with it and they sent me to this woman and about three hours after the consultation with the doctor I had leeches on my face.”


And the leeches literally were all over her face. Shari placed a few of the creatures on her nose and a few under her chin which she was told would help increase her circulation and fix her nose problems by forcing the blood to flow to the area.

“You have to go through a process where you bleed for about eleven hours straight and from there it stops bleeding and then the next morning it was no longer cold, it was no longer blue. It was red for a couple of days but then my nose started to repair somewhat.”

Who would’ve thought something so natural (and well, quite disgusting) could work so quickly and like magic! Now Shari just has to go back in for a revision surgery in January and her nose will finally be the result that she was looking for in the first place!

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