WARNING: explicit content.

If you listened to the show this morning, you might have heard something that you just weren’t sure about… it was pretty intense.

Golnesa ‘GG’ Gharachedaghi joined Kyle and Jackie O in air this morning, and if you hadn’t heard of her before, I have no doubt she was engrained in your brain after listening this morning.

When taking a listener call, a fan revealed GG had done a great job during a stage show she took part in.

‘Oh thank you so much!

As someone who takes a xanax or smokes a joint to calm down, I couldn’t do that, so I just threw myself on stage…’

‘It was an off Broadway show, and I had to peel this banana… I strip it like I’m giving a blowy… at one point I titty-eff myself… my dad came to New York to watch that, so that was amazing… while I was juggling grapes like balls in my mouth… he’s never been more proud.’


‘What sort of play is this?’ Kyle asked.

’It’s called ‘sex tips for straight women from a gay man.’

Then she proceeded to demonstrate…


Kyle then declared he didn’t want to ever have any other guests on the show that weren’t GG… ever.

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