There really is nothing more relaxing than treating yourself and getting a massage…But what if you were in the middle of a massage when something completely unexpected happened! And no, we don’t mean a happy ending…

This one masseuse located in New York City gives massages to all of the biggest celebrities over in the states but with one massive difference. She BITES them as part of the session!

Yep and we’re not talking little nibbles. She full on digs her teeth into them! The masseuse in question is known as Dr Dot and speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning she explained the basis behind her toothy practice and how she first began using the technique.

“It’s as deep as a mumma cat picking up her baby cat. I mean I go to the bone,” explained Dr Dot.

“I’ve been doing it since I was five years old because my hippy parents wanted me to walk on their backs every night…and my mum would say massage me but my hands were so small and she’s like, ‘Well that’s not strong enough. Bite me’, and so I would bite my mum’s back.”

Once Dr Dot realised that biting could actually be used to relieve a lot of muscles tension in the back she began to do it on people who weren’t just family members and quickly it became a business for her.

“And then I started biting my friend’s and boyfriends…and then I started trading, my whole business started on the bartyring system when I was 15…and I have never advertised even once, it was all word of mouth.”


So what is actually involved in a biting massaged? Well Dr Dot told us that it’s fairly simple. You avoid the bones and bit down on the meaty parts of the body.

“I know better than to bite anywhere there’s a bone, it will hurt, so I bite the meaty bits like tenderising a steak,” she explained. “I start at the top of the back, like on the neck, then I work down and I go right back up and go up and down. I avoid the shoulder blades and the spine.”

Now we bet you’re wondering, as someone who claims to be the masseuse to the stars, who has Dr Dot given a biting massage to? Well it turns out the better question is, who HASN’T she done it to! It was name drop after name drop during this interview.

Here’s just a few big names: Katy Perry, Kid Rock, Kanye West, Rod Stewart, Eminem, Justin Timberlake, even Justin Bieber’s had a bit of the biting action!

So if all the celebs are doing it, maybe we should be getting in on the action too? But we don’t know if this is something we could actually do without bursting out laughing TBH!

Listen to the whole interview with Dr Dot in the video above!

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