When Dan Groch got dumped after 12-years with his partner, it hit him… HARD.

He realised that he was somewhat of an ‘Average Joe’ boyfriend, and had unwittingly contributed to the breakdown of his relationship.

He decided to make sure no other man made the same mistake – and created HeroBoyfriend.

HeroBoyfried came about after Joe realised that there were many apps to help you FIND the one (like Tinder), but none to help you KEEP them long term.

Dan realised that to enjoy a successful, long-lasting relationship you need sparks to fly, romance and a constant desire to be better than average.

“The whole digital dating industry is focused on acquisition and nobody is working on retention. It seems crazy,” Groch said.
“With Tinder, it’s easy for people to just throw you back on the heap and you go back to swiping.”
“It has made finding someone easier, but also less valuable.”

The concept for HeroBoyfriend is simple, yet effective.


Guys who download the app onto their smartphones and answer just five questions about their relationship will be sent curated reminders and suggestions to help keep their girlfriends swooning.

The awesome thing is that the app continues to learn more about you, your partner and your relationship over time, helping to determine which content will be the most effective for you.

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In saying that, the app isn’t just good for guys! Oh no, girls could also do with being more romantic, more spontaneous! Everyone could do with a little help, right?

According to a report on News.com.au, notifications can come in the form of surprise gift suggestions, prompts for cleaning or affection, creative date ideas and reminders for key events.


There are also location-based notifications so a user remembers to ask whether any groceries are needed as they leave work or to help with the dishes when they are at home.

“Most guys think they’re doing a great job and girlfriends don’t always tell them what they’re really thinking because they don’t want to feel like they’re nagging, and … then they get disgruntled,” he said.

Groch, who is now happy in another relationship, encourages men or women who found the app offensive to think of it as a fitness app for their relationships.

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“It’s not about telling guys they’re doing the wrong thing, it’s about making what they’re maybe already trying to do, better,” he said.


“Everyone’s working hard, they’re timepoor, and this is about making life easier.”

Source: News.com.au

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