Ever wondered if your house was haunted? 

There is now an app that will tell you who has died in your house! 

Died in House claims to be the first of its kind, helping anyone in the US find out if someone has died in their house. 

For $11.99, just type in your address (must be a valid US address) and the site will tell you if anyone has died in your house or apartment. 

Not only could this app increase or decrease the value of your property, it will also provide a massive spook factor if the app has information for you… 

The app searches over 118 million records in order to give you your potential ‘ghost report’. 

You will also find out who died there, when they died and what the cause of death was! 


Furthermore, the app will give you ‘Reported Meth activity’ and fire reports! 

Seems bizarre that we haven’t ever known the histories to our homes but luckily those days are over now! 

Download the app and visit the website here

We’re sure it won’t be long before this program is introduced into Australia too… 

Source: Bustle 

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