A Brisbane air conditioning company has come under fire after posting what has been described as a ‘disgracefully sexist’ advert on Gumtree.

Air Conditioning Expert Brisbane posted the advertisement on the site on August 12 looking for contractors ahead of their busy summer period.

The ad makes references to different pay grades and includes one part that says ‘’”Young dudes who don’t know s***t can start on 10 – 15. Most likely 10 but you’ll go to 15 if you are good,’’ which has also been described as illegal as the reward rates are lower than the national minimum wage.

The company then goes onto describe the type of work that they will be undertaking and the clientele they will be working with.

“You will be crawling in roofs, you will be getting dirty, you will be working through the hottest days of summer and fat Australian chicks will sit inside in the air conditioning, not offer you a drink or lift a finger to help clean up, while you get sunburnt, dehydrated and disorientated (sic) outside installing air conditioning for her comfort,” the ad wrote.

“Then she will tell us we are all equal. That’s our life. We are men. We wouldn’t trade places with her anyway.”


The advertisement has since been taken down.

H/T: The Age

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