Don’t worry, you’re not alone… we understand you!

When you live with your mum and you get a daily yelling about how you need to “DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS DAMN MESS.” 

When you get a boyfriend and after a while he realises you are an actual pig and you wonder if he will stay with you.

When you lose something you borrowed from your sister and she asks for it back… “I DONT KNOW WHERE IT IS OKAY!!”

When a friend says they’re 5 minutes away and you realise there is no time to clean the 5 day burrow you have created. 

When you boast about the fact that you’ve cleaned up for once and then some is like… “This is what my house looks like all the time…” 

When you offer someone a lift and then realise you have month old coffee cups and your entire wardrobe in your car. 

And then when you think you see a maggot inside one of those coffee cups…

When you wish you could be tidy but then decide you don’t actually care because apparently messy people are more creative and ultimately better humans. 

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