There is a sense of freedom and carelessness that comes with being a 20-year-old and with that a lot of foolish spending. Looking back on all of the ridiculous things we wasted our money on at the time, makes us wish there was someone there screaming, “DON’T DO IT!” So here we are passing on our words of wisdom to those who still have time to change.

We’re not saying cut all of the indulgences out, we’re saying, there are some things you will regret and you will thank us later when you have a better looking bank account. 


Whether it comes from a sachet, a jar, or from the fields of columbia, coffee will have the same effect. So it’s time to stop lashing out on $4 fancy lattes at trendy cafes. During your twenties it’s likely you’re doing a lot of socialising and that often involves a cup of coffee. It’s also likely you are having up to 3 coffees a day which means you are spending $12 a day on coffee! That’s $84 a week!! Think about what that could go towards. We’re telling you now twenty-year-olds… Cut back or cut it out.

Lost Items

Be a bit more careful people. The amount of things we lost in our twenties is ridiculous! Phones, purses, cash! It’s likely these loses had something to do with drinking. When you’re drunk things get left behind in taxis, clubs, ex-lovers houses or who knows where. Get a little bit more responsible and take good care of your things… you’ll find you’ll have a bit more spare cash when you’re not constantly having to replace items.


Expensive Juice

Yes, we understand that freshly squeezed juice is a trend and all at the moment. But it’s also ridiculously expensive. Usually $6-$10 are we right? Go to the supermarket and buy an apple for 24 cents. There, eat it, it’s the same thing.


They’re both bad for you and they’re a waste of money. The quicker your realise this, the better off you will be. So realise it now.


Shopping for clothes in your twenties is like letting a child lose in a candy shop. It’s irrational, it’s unjustified and it results in stupid purchases. The clothing you buy in your twenties is usually trend-based. They seem cool at the time and then you wear it once and never again. Then you’ll see yourself in photos in 10 years time and ask “what was I thinking?!”

Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE shopping ourselves, but before you put the card down, think, “am I going to love this in one years time?” If it’s not a staple that can last you for life, then don’t waste your money.

Eating out

It’s fun to go out every once and a while and enjoy a nice meal with friends…correct. BUT when you’re in your twenties it’s highly likely you are eating out 24/7. You meet up with friends and you eat out. You can’t be bothered to cook dinner after work, you eat out. You can’t be bothered to pack your lunch for uni, you eat out. STOP DOING IT. Host some dinners at home, and ask everyone to chip in for the groceries, or come up with different social scenarios that don’t involve eating at over-priced restaurants. It’s costing you a lot of money, admit it.