Many of us have lived with people who have unreasonable expectations of what they want in a housemate – but this is next level.

If you want to live at the Startup Castle in California’s tech-central Silicon Valley area, you’re gonna have to tick off a whole lotta requirements. 

The Startup Castle, which is located in a 17,000 square foot mansion, doesn’t ask for much. You just need to have a degree or job with a maths/science focus, exercise at least 15 hours a week, commute by car less than 20 per cent of the time, prefer organised systems and common rules, and like patting dogs.

We totally get the last one, at least.

But wait, there’s more – the deal breaker list is even more intense. If you’re a social activist, a social media addict, wear makeup more than twice a week, enjoy drinking or are a regular Tinder dater, these guys won’t like you at all.

We’ll let you have a look:



A resident of Startup Castle told Fusion that the housemates are “trying to get away from people who are obsessed with themselves”.

“We could just say that we want smart, nice, low-maintenance people…but I think everyone would say that,” he said. “We had to be a lot more specific.”

Well, good luck to anyone who wants to live with these guys… Sounds like a whole heap more trouble than it’s worth.

At least their dogs are cute.

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