Be warned: Uber is cracking down on inappropriate behaviour and this INCLUDES touching, kissing and flirting. Remember this next time you get in a Uber with your cute date, or you could see yourself banned from the app. 

The ride-sharing company have released a list of absolute no-nos that will most definitely see a user BANNED from the app for good! 

Here’s the list of things that could see you lose access to Uber:

Damaging drivers’ or other passengers’ property.

This includes intentionally spilling food or drink, smoking or vomiting because you’ve had too much booze. 

Physical contact with the driver or fellow riders.

You shouldn’t touch or flirt with other people in the car. Uber has a no sex rule which means no sexual conduct with drivers or fellow riders, no matter what. 

Use of inappropriate and abusive language or gestures.

For example, making comments that are aggressive, sexual, discriminatory or disrespectful. 

Unwanted contact with the driver or fellow passenger after the trip is over.

For example, texting, calling, or visiting someone in person after a ride has been completed.


This includes bringing open containers of alcohol or drugs into the car and traveling in large groups that exceed the number of seat belts in the car. 


You have been warned!

See Uber’s full list of guidelines HERE


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