Tickets for Adele’s Australian tour are apparently being refunded just 24 hours after they went on sale and it has left fans wondering if they have a seat at the conference.

Fans took to social media on Tuesday to vent their frustrations at seeing the money they spent on Ticketek being refunded back into their accounts.

Fans who believed they had secured a spot after battling scalpers and a virtual ticket queue for hours as seats rapidly sold out on Monday night are now unsure if they will be able to attend at all.

‘So can someone please tell me what happens now for the poor people that purchased tickets to Adele yesterday? All went through, money taken out, then hours later money is put back into account with no explanation at all. Now tickets we wanted are sold out and I’m trying to call through (as I’m sure a lot of others are too), but it’s not even going through. WHAT HAPPENS NOW??’ a frustrated fan wrote on Twitter.

‘Not happy…paid for tickets for Adele in Adelaide…you took the money out of my credit card at 2.03pm and then put it back tonight…what the cr** is going on…not happy first time using Ticketek…now this!’ another said.  

There has been no comment from Ticketek about the incidents.

Tickets have been selling for 10 times their face value on some ticket exchange websites, with one ticket being sold $2,076 on Viagogo overnight.

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