We all get in arguments with out partners and there comes a point in an argument where you just want to either storm off or rip their hair out.

Well, according to Psychology Today expert Jeffrey Bernstein, there is one place you should not go when arguing with your partner..

The place.. it’s the word SHOULD. .

According to the expert there is real power associated with the S word..

He says ‘’”We tend to “should” all over our partners, and even if we think we’re only doing so in the privacy of our own minds, it can come out in our tone or actions. Thinking “should” about someone you love, or being on the receiving end of a “should,” creates negative energy and, over time, can be toxic for any relationship, especially a loving one.”.

It’s not the end of the world if you do use the word but Jeffrey says you should try and do the following ‘’Instead of, ‘You should know how I feel,’ try (thinking and) saying, ‘I would like you to please hear me out on this.’.

Instead of, ‘You shouldn’t bring that up,’ try (thinking and) saying, ‘I would like to consider what you are saying. Please let me sit with it for a little while before I respond.”.


He makes it sound easier than it is..

Should be simple..

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