If crowding into a tiny, bacteria-laden airplane toilet with a random stranger for some impossibly contorted sex is your idea of a good time, then boy have we got news for you!

A new app, nicknamed “Tinder for air travel”, promises to provide in-flight entertainment of an entirely different nature; AirDates lets you upload your travel itinerary so that you can arrange to hook up with whoever else may happen to be on the same plane or at the same airport.

If that’s a step too far for you, though, you can also use the app to just message other passengers, because the only thing missing from your stressful trip to the airport is wandering around Duty Free and wondering if any of the people you’re walking past is the one you’re stranger-sexting. 

According to the app’s chief executive Michael Richard, a plane is the “safest place to have a date” thanks to the sheer amount of other people on board that “will eliminate any danger.”

They’re also considering a roll-out of female-first interaction, to avoid “unwanted abusive behaviour.”

In fairness, the app paints quite the rose-tinted view of airport dating – so much so that we’re kind of tempted to give it a go now?

“Airports are always full of nice people and happenings… The perfect place for dating, while waiting to get on board,” the description reads. “The magic is broken once you realise that you are sitting on the other side of the aircraft.


“With AirDates app the magic stays with you on board, allowing you to continue your chat with NO INTERNET CONNECTION… Irrelevant of the flight duration, you can get to know each other, start to share ideas and maybe even share more than a cab at destination…”

And then maybe one day you can tell your children that Mummy and Daddy’s eyes met over a packet of roasted peanuts on a flight to Woop Woop.

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