You know how Ellen ends every episode of her talk show by willing people to be kind to one another?

Well, a thread on Twitter between people who have had first-hand experience with the comedian have us questioning whether she practises what she preaches.

Comedian and writer Kevin T Porter kicked off a stream of Ellen run-ins and anecdotes that truly have us questioning everything we know. Porter labelled DeGeneres “notoriously one of the meanest people alive.”

TV writer Benjamin Siemon replied that “she has a “sensitive nose” so everyone must chew gum” before talking to her, reportedly sending people home to go and shower if she thinks that they stink!


Another person who says that she was working in wardrobe on the set next to Ellen’s claims that the comedian demanded that a BBQ being held for a showrunner’s 50th birthday be shut down because she doesn’t eat meat.

We’re not sure what to believe anymore.

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